Viniyata Pany

Logo design : Hoowan Ling

Intrea is designer Purva Kothatri's brand specializing in bespoke diamond jewellery. Every diamond is unique. There is an intricate process that goes into polishing a rough crystal to become a precious gem.

The brand language is a derivation of the crossection of a rough crystal that goes from being a ragged unpolished figure to a unique shape.

The rough crystals ispired a visual iteration based on layers and transformation.

These forms were made by scanned layers of translucent vellum paper. The layers were isolated into individual shapes, colored and re-assembled in illustrator.

A series of five such crystal-inspired forms were designed to coalesce into Intrea's visual story.

The pastel shades and translucency in the forms are in conjunction with the delicate intricacy that goes into designing and making every unique piece of Intrea jewelwey.

Intrea's corporate stationery set has more peach in its color story.

Corporate Stationery : Letterhead and envelope

Retail envelope. Intrea's retail branding lies more in the dark teal bracket to differentiate it from the corporate language.

Certificate of Authenticity for the diamonds.

Corporate notepad